Leveraging the growth of smart devices, BBMSL's standalone solution provides merchants with dependable and wireless payment acceptance through either Wifi or data SIM connections. With a single application, merchants can access 16 popular payment options, adapting to the diverse payment preferences of their customers, boosting sales, and enhancing payment collection flexibility.

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Support 17+ payment methods

Make the very best in-store experience for your customers

Make payments easier for customers

Support the most popular payment options on the market Improve the flexibility of payment collection

POS integration

Synchronise transaction amount Reduce manual input error

Improve hygiene

Avoid close contact with people Protect staff health

Save administration & time cost

No need to handle hard cash Prevent unnecessary trips to banks

Auto settlement for easy reconciliation

Auto settlement at 23:59 everyday Minimise human operational error

Secure transaction

PCI DSS certified, the highest standard in the payment industry Protect merchants' and customers’ privacy

Real-time Merchant Reporting Service

With BBMSL's portal, you have the power to monitor and control your business from anywhere, at any time. For streamlined settlement and reconciliation, you can access monthly statements for effortless accounting.

BBMSL BUSINESS App is available now 

24 hours easy management experience is just on hand! You can track transaction records and view details to get business trend insights at your fingertips. Get your BBMSL BUSINESS App ready now!


Seize every opportunity in the cashless economy

Affordable Transaction Rates for SMEs

SMEs face numerous challenges. BBMSL recognizes the critical role cost plays in the success of small business owners. We provides low transaction fees to eligible merchants. This offer helps reduce the cost associated with e-payments, allowing SMEs to take advantage of every business opportunity.


After-Sales Service Support

CS hotline with real-time assistance. Operation & training videos will also be provided.

POS Integration

Our API integrates with over 50 types of POS systems, streamlining the entire order, checkout, and payment process. Automation reduces manual errors for seamless operations.

Ease of Use

Our payment terminal, powered by Android, is user-friendly and easy to navigate, reducing the learning curve for streamlined operations during the entire order, checkout, and payment process.

Wireless Standalone Solution

Our standalone solution provides merchants with wireless and reliable payment processing, perfect for exhibitors and pop-up events to enhance payment collection flexibility.

Effortless Sales Record Keeping

We know how difficult it is for merchants to preserve thermal receipts. With BBMSL, all your sales records are securely stored and can be easily accessed and downloaded from our portal at any time for review.

Self-served Kiosk

Ideal for the F&B industry, exhibitions and pop-up events, our self-served kiosks reduce labour costs while offering e-payment and cash options for versatile merchant needs.