01 Jun 2023

Test 123


19 Aug 2022

Does the Octopus machine accept money at a different speed? All-in-one electronic cash register vs traditional stand-alone Octopus machine

After the vouchers were issued, many people chose to pay with e-wallets. I believe it will definitely become a major trend in Hong Kong's future consumption! I have been receiving many calls from merchants asking: "Why is it slower to receive Octopus at the integrated cash register than at the traditional stand-alone Octopus machine? Aren't they the same?" In fact, the two modes of operation are completely different, and I will explain to you today Check out their differences! Generally, the Octopus machines (blue and white card readers) we see in buses/bakery chains are traditional card readers, which operate offline. Because they don’t need to rely on network speed, the transaction time is relatively fast, and the payment is instant; the disadvantage is that the machine It has a large body, takes up a lot of space, and needs to connect wires at the same time, which is inconvenient for merchants with small cash registers. The Octopus service in the integrated electronic cash register, like other credit card payment methods, needs to be connected to the Internet to conduct transactions (the transaction time takes about 1 to 2 seconds), so the store's network speed is the key factor for the transaction speed, the principle Just like browsing a website on a mobile phone, if the network speed is fast, the Internet will be faster; if the network speed is slow, it will take more time to load the website. Remember that after tapping the card, the transaction will be considered successful only after the “beep” sound. It is also recommended that you install the Internet speed test application on your mobile phone to monitor whether the network speed is normal. In Hong Kong, there are more and more devices at the cash register, such as sales systems, credit card machines, takeaway services, gift points exchange, barcode scanners, etc. The space at the cash register is getting smaller and smaller, so the integrated electronic cash register has always been Popular with small and medium businesses. A small body can support more than 17 electronic payment methods, saving space and convenience! If you have any questions, please contact customer service